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Web site design: Jonathan Moffett
Leaflet design and line drawings: Ruth Bateson
Photographs: Liz Yardley (except where stated)
Basket construction drawings: David Nutt
Editing: Catherine Robinson

The Oxfordshire Basketmakers have been involved in this project from its beginning and many thanks go to the following who have been "recorders" — often having to endure a degree of discomfort whilst in pursuit of their goal — though they all said it taught them how to look. Elizabeth Adams, Christine Brewster, Ann Brooks, Joanna Gilmour, Anne Harrison, Ann Porter, Ruth Stockland, Sally Strang and Kim Sutherland

Felicity Wood is very grateful to the staff of the Pitt Rivers Museum without whose full agreement this project could not have happened. There has been particular support from Marina De Alarcon, Megan Backhouse, Sue Brooks, Shirley Careford, Jeremy Coote, Julia Cousins, Ollie Douglas, Sally Druce, Haas Ezzet, Claire Freeman, John Hobart, Zena McGreevy, Chris Morton, Julia Nicholson, Mike O'Hanlon, Malcolm Osman, Lynne Parker, Alison Petch, Laura Phillips, Birgitte Speake, Kate White and all the attendants. Thank you, too, to Linda Mowat, curator of the 1992 Pitt Rivers exhibition: Basketmakers: Meaning and Form in Native American Baskets. Some how, the strong basket interest in Oxfordshire stems from the time of this exhibition and the workshops associated with it.
Thank you to the Basketmakers' Association for their sponsorship and to their chairman, Maurice Bichard, for his enthusiasm for the project. Felicity is very grateful to BA members who came on the first "think tank" morning in 1997, to Hannah Bichard for web advice and to Mary Butcher for her special interest in the whole idea.
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Current Impression: 28-sep-2005