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The following information is taken from the leaflet "Basketry in the Pitt Rivers Museum". This A3 folded leaflet is available from the shop of the Pitt Rivers Museum at 50p or direct from Felicity Wood.
Basketry in the Pitt Rivers Museum

In this treasure chest of everyday objects from around the world, cases 113, 114, 118 and 121 in the Court are dedicated to baskets. However, baskets and items using basketry techniques are to be found in many other sections of the Museum — from magic to medicine to money.

In Britain, baskets are most commonly made of willow, using a stake and strand construction. Very few such examples are found in the Pitt Rivers, however, as most of the items were collected from further afield. Vines lend themselves to twining, grasses to coiling, palm leaves to various forms of checkweave, and bamboo to open hexagonal plaiting — but there are examples of many materials and methods of construction.


Every community has its own indigenous materials, its own needs, and its own traditions, and the resulting baskets are a wonderful reflection of this.

For details of all basketry items in the Pitt Rivers Museum please go to The Collection.

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